AI Sales Representatives: The Future of Sales Using Puppetry

AI Sales Representatives: The Future of Sales Using Puppetry

Sarah Reyes
by Sarah Reyes

Can you imagine a world where sales representatives do not get tired and sleep? Well, it’s one of the promises of AI sales reps, which, as we know it, are revolutionizing the sales industry.

AI-powered sales representatives work 24/7 and never get tired. They can automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks, often bog down human sales professionals. These include answering frequently asked questions and making sales presentations.

Without even saying, AI sales representatives free up your salespeople’s precious time by taking care of mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on closing deals and doing other valuable activities to help generate revenue for your business.

Today's article will shed light on AI, the future of sales, and how you can utilize tools like Puppetry’s Streaming Avatars to automate some of your sales force’s tasks.

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AI: The Future of Sales

Artificial intelligence (or simply AI) is a futuristic technology we enjoy today. It performs cognitive functions like the human brain, allowing us to focus on more complex tasks.

It’s like delegating repetitive and mundane activities to machines so we can tend to endeavors requiring a more human touch.

Sales representatives don’t just “sell” goods and services but also market them. They encourage potential customers to fast-track the sale. It’s something that requires a lot of convincing.

Thus, negotiation skills are necessary. Salespeople should have impeccable communication styles, and their art of persuasion must be top-notch.

Salespeople must also collect and organize data to optimize critical customer data points. Nurturing customer relationships is also vital.

All these activities are essential yet taxing.

So, unsurprisingly, many companies are now using AI technologies to complement human activities and make their operations more efficient.

According to a McKinsey report, approximately 50% to 60% of organizations use AI, increase their revenue by 70%, and reduce costs by 28%.

AI is here and is no longer a vision for tomorrow. Undoubtedly, it's also changing the sales industry.

A HUBSPOT survey reveals that 68% of business leaders believe AI will help grow their business in a manner that otherwise would be impossible.

These figures underscore AI’s remarkable growth and acceptance across markets and industries. But will it replace human sales professionals?

AI In the Sales Force: A Threat?

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Artificial intelligence helps analyze customer sentiments, define customer moments, and predict sales forecasts. This technology can also automate routine sales activities and ensure correct sales attribution.

AI also helps generate higher-quality leads, score and prioritize leads, and develop expert insights and recommendations. The bottom line is that AI plays many roles in 21st-century sales and should continue evolving.

However, AI and related technologies cannot replace people. So, while it is revolutionary, it does not threaten human sales representatives. Instead, we must see it as an opportunity to augment human skills and a tool we can leverage for personalized sales experience.

AI technologies are complementary systems. They simplify some activities by leveraging digital computing power. So, although AI sales representatives can make our lives easier, most potential buyers still want a real person to close a sale.

Benefits of AI Sales Representatives

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AI avatars in sales are stunning presenters and animated images that you can use to streamline your sales department’s operations. One of the tools to help you create stunning characters to represent your brand is Puppetry.

It empowers you to create face images and portraits and turn them into talking representatives, spokespersons, or ambassadors of your brand. Here are some benefits of using AI sales representatives from Puppetry.

Sales professionals will have more time and opportunity to meet and engage real customers.

Customers deserve the best service from any brand. Even potential clients expect companies to give them undivided attention. They want queries and problems solved and offer more encouraging news to help them move from leads to paying customers.

Unfortunately, some sales-related activities consume salespeople’s time and effort needlessly. Did you know that a human sales representative spends two-thirds of their time documenting sales activities, managing sales calls and emails, finding prospects, encoding data, and scheduling lead follow-up tasks?

Although Puppetry’s generative AI sales representative cannot perform all these functions, it can provide an interface for your potential business clients.

Imagine leads and prospects won’t have to wait for a human sales rep to talk to them and answer queries about a possible sale. Your digital sales agent can offer such services.

And since a sales bot handles these tasks, your salespeople can plan their activities and meet prospective clients, allowing them to close sales faster and drive more revenue to your business.

Build more credible relationships

A Puppetry AI sales bot frees your salespeople from some sales and marketing-related tasks. Your sales force can focus on building, strengthening, and nurturing potential client relationships. Not only will they close sales faster, but they will also nurture credibility and loyalty among your customers.

Deliver exciting experiences

Potential customers don’t only consider your product when buying, but they also assess the complete package, including customer experiences you’re willing to provide. Accomplishing this is easy with your salesforce focused on potential customers and the AI sales bot handling other tasks.

We have published an interesting post about morebenefits of using AI support agents in your business operations.

Puppetry’s AI Sales Representatives

AI Sales Representatives

Puppetry-created AI sales avatars talk like well-versed representatives and never tire of entertaining potential customers' queries. A smile is always ready. Your prospects will always feel supported because these streaming avatars work tirelessly throughout sales.

Puppetry also makes avatar creation seem more like child’s play. You could create a digital sales representative in a few steps. No programming is required. The best part is you can upload your image resources and turn them into sales bots. Know more about Puppetry’s streaming avatars here.


Puppetry’s AI sales representatives make excellent agents for greeting potential clients and fast-tracking them across the sales process.

These streaming avatars are a business’s digital spokespersons, allowing sales teams to meet prospects, nurture relationships, and close sales. That's an impressive way to boost a brand's bottom line.