Unlocking the Power of AI Tutor in Visual Education: The Future of Learning with Puppetry

Unlocking the Power of AI Tutor in Visual Education: The Future of Learning with Puppetry

Kimberly Claire Albarina
by Kimberly Claire Albarina

AI For Visual Education

Education has become even more accessible and fun thanks to the continuous innovation of technology towards learning.

The emergence of AI has made teaching and learning more enjoyable and effective for students. Puppetry, the new AI technology to animate faces, is now changing the teaching process nowadays.

Visual education is no longer limited to graphics, videos, images, and other common visuals.

Thanks to AI, visual education can now use animated faces to deliver lessons clearly. Hence, it’s not surprising to see why many expert fields are leaning more into this type of learning and teaching.

Teachers know this fact too well: it’s becoming harder to engage and keep the attention of the students because of the many distractions from technology.

Games, social media platforms, engaging posts, and videos keep students’ interests away from the typical classroom setup of learning, especially when the teacher uses a traditional method of teaching.

So, why not also level up the game of students’ learning with this very technology?

In fact, technology has a positive impact on students learning if used correctly! Rather than seeing these new emerging tools as a threat, use them to your advantage.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use technology, particularly AI, to your advantage as a teacher and educator.

How Can AI Be Used as a Tutor?

Right now, there are many existing teaching methods that you can use to deliver your lessons to your class. From the traditional teaching materials, it has leveled up to another step.

Teachers can freely use videos and other online resources to teach the students. It has even come to the point that time zones and distance are no longer obstacles because of the online education setup.

These innovative teaching pedagogies are still continuously evolving. With the recent trend of artificial intelligence, or AI, being slowly integrated into education.

Now, how can artificial intelligence be used in your teaching as a teacher?

Here are some ways you can employ AI to aid you in your teaching:

Create engaging instructional materials

Making instructional materials has significantly become easier because of technology. Although still effective, there is almost no need to spend so much time and money creating traditional instructional materials as you can simply use PowerPoint, YouTube videos, and other online resources to deliver lessons.

Now, you can even use AI to create presentations, online courses, and lectures that would make it easy for the students to absorb lessons.

For example, Puppetry can animate faces and make these avatars talk for your presentation. All of these capabilities ensure student engagement will remain at its peak!

Create formative assessments

As impossible as it may seem, you can use AI to facilitate and create formative assessments in your class.

Formative assessment is a way for teachers to check the student's learning progress in a class in a particular lesson.

You can ask AI to create a formative assessment you can conduct in your class. Similarly, it’s also possible to let AI facilitate the assessment, like using Puppetry's animated faces to deliver the formative questions you can ask the class.

Well, think about it: wouldn’t it be a little more engaging if your students saw and heard a cute cartoon character asking questions related to the class?

That would be awesome, especially if the students are young kids.

Deliver supplementary lessons

Apart from using AI to create your materials, you can even use it for teaching as well!

AI tutors help improve education, especially for supplementary learning. You can have the assistance of AI tutors by simply typing short lessons or activities to supplement your teaching.

There are now AIs where you just have to type the exact words to be said, and they deliver them according to the type of tone you want.

What Is the Role of an AI Tutor?

AI technology is now making its way into education as a teaching tool. However, keep in mind that AI tutors are meant and should be used only as an aid to the teaching-learning process.

You, as the teacher, should still be the primary source of lessons, information, and learning of the students.

While technology, particularly artificial intelligence, could now deliver lessons and assessments to students, nothing beats you – the teacher.

The primary role of AI in education is to only help in the teaching-learning process, not to overtake the teachers completely.

It's still educators must still handle students’ engagement and learning, not technology.

After all, it's you who know your students best, not artificial intelligence.

How Can Puppetry Be Used in Education?

Puppetry makes it easy for teachers and educators to take teaching to a higher level. You can create videos by customizing talking avatars that engage your students effectively.

Furthermore, Puppetry is so versatile that you can use it in many fields outside of education as long as your goal is to teach!

After all, visual education is essential to medicine, marketing, business, and others.

Here are some ways you can use Puppetry in your teaching in a classroom setup:

Customize your avatar faces

Puppetry allows you to create and customize faces and lets these avatars deliver the lesson. These avatars are especially helpful if you’re about to teach a lesson involving specific people or simply want your class to be more engaging.

Wouldn’t it be more fun for your students if they would see Albert Einstein teaching your students his science concepts? Not only are you making the class enjoyable, but you’re also reinforcing their learning in a way!

Create video lessons with the avatar

Education can also happen outside the classroom, and there are so many platforms where you can upload educational video content to teach.

Puppetry can generate videos of avatars talking and teaching the lesson you want your class to have. Of course, you’re free to be creative as much as you like when creating your avatar teachers.

Reinforce language learning with Puppetry

Puppetry can make you animated faces that easily talk languages, like a native. With cute and beautiful avatars serving as language tutors, it’s easier for students to learn languages.

You can use Puppetry to showcase the correct pronunciation, diction, and even articulation of particular words of the language you’re teaching!

Final Thoughts

Learning has become even more enjoyable and easier for students and teachers. AI tutors are now here to help teachers create instructional materials, perform formative assessments, and even deliver lessons in class.

Puppetry is the new AI technology that makes it easier for educators to create lesson videos with avatars of their own customization!

Want to try integrating AI avatars into your teaching?