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Customer Reviews

“This is the best AI voice and avatar creator. Its flexible and easy to use. Has a lot of potential.”

110543030091102591304 -- Chwawa Digital Marketing & Video Production Solutions

“I just began using your service and find it quite good. However, I noticed that rendering a short video takes a considerable amount of time (too much wait that I had to take a taco away). Improved progress reporting and time estimation would be beneficial in this case. It's impressive that you're using DALL·E 3 and GPT-4 with unlimited access. I hope you can maintain this business model. I wouldn't mind using my API key in the future if necessary. Please continue the excellent work.”

a13 -- Please stay in business

“My experience with Puppetry is good. For the price I purchased it on AppSumo, it does a great job. I hope they will find a way to monetize it on a subscription basis to maintain and improve it further, as this niche is getting really competitive, taking into account the number of other services like D-id studio, Synthesia, and more.”

mesh -- Great AI avatar talking generator

“Recently tried Puppetry, an exceptional AI avatar talking head software. Impressed by its realistic avatars and advanced technology. The versatility for various purposes stands out. Intuitive user interface and excellent customer support. Highly recommend for anyone seeking AI avatar software.”

umarfaruk94561 -- Useful Software For AI Avatar Talking Head Videos

“Wow, I'm amazed at how good this thing is. And for this price with unlimited generations, I don't know how viable this product is. Hopefully, this is only to attract early adopters and money will be made later.”

donnieyang -- Amazing tool at an unbelievable price

“This application for the price is a steal. The AI voices can be better, but you can upload your own with speechify. If you don't like how the puppet generator looks, you can upload your own AI generated image. I haven't used to much to go into too much detail. I just know that it offers a lot for the price it's being offered at.”

Bob. -- Not much use for me, But an easy keeper!

“I have been using Puppetry for a couple of weeks now, and I must say, it's a solid tool for anyone looking to create AI-driven avatars. The setup process was straightforward, and the diverse range of avatar faces and voices made it easy to find something that suited my needs.”

abid67 -- Impressive Tool for AI Avatar Creation!

“I am very happy with Puppetry and it fits my usecase extremely well. It is miles away from the fotorealism of heygen but I am not using it for creating fake videos of real people anyway. It does what it does quite well: animating avatars. Animating fotos of myself, even when shot in perfect lighting, was not so convincing. But I love using it with 3d-style avatars. Please see here a link to a video I made from a radio interview (in German, bit the imagery counts). the avatars were made in midjourney and bear a mild resemblance to the persons talking. The animation starts 30s into the video.”

matthias.wiemeyer -- Matthias

“I really love Puppetry! The text / audio to facial speech animation is really impressive. I love also that the developer included features such as ChatGPT for text prompting, text to images and puppets as well as text to audio. I’m looking forward to the video to video feature, any ETA in mind?”

Ziadjbt78 -- Amazing piece of facial animation tech!

“This app is really fun. The setup is super easy and the output is usable. I created a video for our blog and now i have an avatar reading the blog so visitors can listen to it instead of reading. That is really nice.I would like to ask:- will it be possible to use more then 3600 words in the future? We need about 6000.- Is it possible to have more view of the body? Some avatars are very close- will it be possible to create a template, so i can use it more then once- would it be more powerful, if we use the API of chatGPT”

almoreno -- Really impressive, even with foreign languages

“Puppetry is your fastest and easiest solution to add a talking head in your videos. Perfect for both marketing and educutional presentations to make videos more engaging and lively!”

Taco.Ling -- We love it! Exactly what we needed!

“Having fun getting started and it's already working well, so I can't wait to see what the creators will come up with to make it even better.”

cr8tivNomad -- What a wonderful Deal and Tool

Our team

Saravana Rathinam, Founder and CEO

Saravana Rathinam

Founder and CEO

Saravana Rathinam, Founder and CEO

Rajesh Dsouza

Growth Lead

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