The easiest way to create talking videos using AI Puppets 🎭

Puppetry enables video content creators, game artists, educators, and marketers with video creation tools to create AI puppets, generate talking videos, and craft compelling scripts with the power of ChatGPT.

The toolset you need to create engaging and informative videos using AI.

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Customer Reviews

“This is the best AI voice and avatar creator. Its flexible and easy to use. Has a lot of potential.”

110543030091102591304 -- Chwawa Digital Marketing & Video Production Solutions

“I just began using your service and find it quite good. However, I noticed that rendering a short video takes a considerable amount of time (too much wait that I had to take a taco away). Improved progress reporting and time estimation would be beneficial in this case. It's impressive that you're using DALL·E 3 and GPT-4 with unlimited access. I hope you can maintain this business model. I wouldn't mind using my API key in the future if necessary. Please continue the excellent work.”

a13 -- Please stay in business

“My experience with Puppetry is good. For the price I purchased it on AppSumo, it does a great job. I hope they will find a way to monetize it on a subscription basis to maintain and improve it further, as this niche is getting really competitive, taking into account the number of other services like D-id studio, Synthesia, and more.”

mesh -- Great AI avatar talking generator

“Recently tried Puppetry, an exceptional AI avatar talking head software. Impressed by its realistic avatars and advanced technology. The versatility for various purposes stands out. Intuitive user interface and excellent customer support. Highly recommend for anyone seeking AI avatar software.”

umarfaruk94561 -- Useful Software For AI Avatar Talking Head Videos

“Wow, I'm amazed at how good this thing is. And for this price with unlimited generations, I don't know how viable this product is. Hopefully, this is only to attract early adopters and money will be made later.”

donnieyang -- Amazing tool at an unbelievable price

“This application for the price is a steal. The AI voices can be better, but you can upload your own with speechify. If you don't like how the puppet generator looks, you can upload your own AI generated image. I haven't used to much to go into too much detail. I just know that it offers a lot for the price it's being offered at.”

Bob. -- Not much use for me, But an easy keeper!

“I have been using Puppetry for a couple of weeks now, and I must say, it's a solid tool for anyone looking to create AI-driven avatars. The setup process was straightforward, and the diverse range of avatar faces and voices made it easy to find something that suited my needs.”

abid67 -- Impressive Tool for AI Avatar Creation!

“I am very happy with Puppetry and it fits my usecase extremely well. It is miles away from the fotorealism of heygen but I am not using it for creating fake videos of real people anyway. It does what it does quite well: animating avatars. Animating fotos of myself, even when shot in perfect lighting, was not so convincing. But I love using it with 3d-style avatars. Please see here a link to a video I made from a radio interview (in German, bit the imagery counts). the avatars were made in midjourney and bear a mild resemblance to the persons talking. The animation starts 30s into the video.”

matthias.wiemeyer -- Matthias

“I really love Puppetry! The text / audio to facial speech animation is really impressive. I love also that the developer included features such as ChatGPT for text prompting, text to images and puppets as well as text to audio. I’m looking forward to the video to video feature, any ETA in mind?”

Ziadjbt78 -- Amazing piece of facial animation tech!

“This app is really fun. The setup is super easy and the output is usable. I created a video for our blog and now i have an avatar reading the blog so visitors can listen to it instead of reading. That is really nice.I would like to ask:- will it be possible to use more then 3600 words in the future? We need about 6000.- Is it possible to have more view of the body? Some avatars are very close- will it be possible to create a template, so i can use it more then once- would it be more powerful, if we use the API of chatGPT”

almoreno -- Really impressive, even with foreign languages

“Puppetry is your fastest and easiest solution to add a talking head in your videos. Perfect for both marketing and educutional presentations to make videos more engaging and lively!”

Taco.Ling -- We love it! Exactly what we needed!

“Having fun getting started and it's already working well, so I can't wait to see what the creators will come up with to make it even better.”

cr8tivNomad -- What a wonderful Deal and Tool

“An amazing tool. I myself have used an AI-generated image to give me a brief summary of my book. It looks incredibly beautiful! I then edit the generated video with FlexClip (or you can use any other video tool). The audio was created by a text to audio tool (and imported)Many thanks for the development of this valuable instrument.”

Albert-Heemeijer -- Great tool for me as an author

“I had purchased as many other similar tools through AppSumo. It is beneficial, including the latest deal which I describe as the "missing link" among them. I would like to highlight the aspect of exploring new software and tools, especially those driven by AI – they might not always compete with extremely high-priced alternatives but can often provide significant value for their cost, especially for users who are willing to adapt and explore their capabilities. In this case I like to keep this piece of software and I hope they be able to solve the problems which others have described. nevertheless, it will be a part of my portfolio.”

brigitte77 -- Great DEAL related to the price

“Es una gran alternativa, yo manejo y con mis propios diseños, se hace increibles videos , se los recomiendo ampliamente”

ConsultorDigitalMX -- Excelente herramienta

“After a day of using it, Puppetry exceeds my expectations. Highly recommended to all video creators.”

xanwara -- Great talking head app

“I may not find a need for it but my kids love it! I just wish the iPhone app was free to download!”

Jack_Sparrow -- Got this for my kids and they love it

“Hello, I love using your product, do you plan to make an android application?”

alkocyr -- android application

“Ive been seeing alot of AI avatar spokemen videos appearing all over social media. Its defintetly engaing and fun to watch. ive always wanted a tool like puppetry but all of the tools ive seen on Appsumo either replicates humanoid avatars are have all the AI video features all for the exception of AI avatar motion talking features.”

Diamondely -- Steal of a lifetime if you into video creation avatars

“Just purchased and activated and shocked by its features. Wow! 10 tacos+ more.”

4goldstone -- 10 tacos.

“OMG! ... 10 Tacos and a Mic Drop!”

instant-access -- AMAZING SOFTWARE

“Been looking for something like thi for a long time, i wish your project all the best. and i am truly amazed at the quaiity for what out there.”

Sarkie -- Awesome

“I'm making an audiobook of the bible right now and I'm up to the book of Daniel. I used Supermachine another appsumo deal to generate a portrait of Daniel of the bible which was quick and easy to do. I then took that image and uploaded it to Puppetry, picked a voice, typed a bit of text and in 10 minutes had a brief clip running! The video shows his face moving and talking at the same time. Very well done. Nice tool to have in the tool belt. Thanks for the lifetime deal. Tool also can animate based off of a audio file too. Took a nap while the video was processing. Simple and easy to use.”

AhayahAssemblyChurch -- First try and it worked like a charm!

“I’m so happy I didn’t miss this deal‼️ I haven’t been on Appsumo in a couple of weeks but I popped in just in the nick of time‼️🤣 I love how easy it is to use. Don’t miss this deal it’s worth it‼️🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮”

Debra63257 -- I love puppetry‼️😍

“I'm not sure why people are complaining. Think about what you just got for what you just paid for.”

GFunnel -- Support This Solution (Buy, Buy, Buy)

“I agree with all of the FIVE TACO reviews before me…not only does this get Five Tacos from me, I really think that I am pulling off an act of Grand Larceny at this current price (I will buy it again, just to sausage my feelings of guilt).”

epmarquis -- Give them a custom-built taco bar!

“This is a 5 taco buy, well worth. I really like the functions and features. It works fluent and well. For me puppetry opens new perspectives with AI made faces with audio or text expressions. Cool stuff for new ideas;-)”

voilalavie -- Well worth!

“The output is awesome. Very helpful for marketers and content creators. 5 taco for you guys!”

jonsha -- Fantastic software

“I always want to own one of talking head and most of them are just overprice or monthly charge. Recently i found this app and made my purchase right”

Samnang75156 -- This App is Impressive

“Looks basic UI wise needs improvement however the tool it's self and the result is good, great for social media. Very impressed 5 stars right away - UI is messy but that's hopefully a quick fix. Function is spot on! Recommend to try, see and use!!”

Terry-James -- No Brainer  -  Social Media Dream

“Take all of my tacos. Best offer!”

Focus.Studio -- Awesome


Our users love Puppetry

“Puppetry was exactly what I needed for the product I'm working on and with all the new features they've added, it's going to make my job that much easier... all I can say is that hand animation on these faces would be a huge undertaking .. months of work”

Trammel Ray Issac
Chief Art Officer, Stealth Startup

“I love Puppetry. It’s a great way to tell stories and build characters. In fact, I'm able to quickly put together engaging "character explorations" for clients to review and help me sell creative vision. The interface of the app is so easy (and fun) to use.”

Lee Margolis
Global Executive Creative Director, MOFILM

“Puppetry has allowed my creative imagination to run wild, allowing me to breathe life into characters with astonishing results. It has created a new storytelling workflow for me I never thought imaginable, all with speed and ease. It is a lot of fun!”

Tyronne Schaffer
Creative Director, Havas

“I’ve used Puppetry to exemplify AI developments in several presentations but the use is a small part of the overall presentation. The more significant use is in promoting the upcoming class topics on NextDoor and Facebook. Those promos have been reaching 500-1000 of the 4-5000 active seniors in our community in the week leading up to the presentation. Our club membership has really taken off because of the promos. In the last 6 weeks we've doubled from around 16 attendees to a consistent 32 or more for each presentation.”

Dan Mayer
President, PC Computer Club

“Easy to use. Great results. Using Puppetry to give voice to the characters I use in videos. Does that one thing very well, and that is exactly what I wanted. A solid app. Currently, it is an indispensible part of my video production tool kit.”

Creator, Maldigar

“As a teacher, I use Puppetry to introduce my students to the content of the day. This helps to reduce 'teacher talk' and get students' minds thinking about the learning objective of the day. I use Puppetry to feature probing questions that linger in students' minds throughout the lesson. Some have even mentioned how the questions help them focus on finding the answers to those questions in the lessons! My students have become more engaged in the content, and their academic confidence has increased significantly! Another cool option I have found with Puppetry is that I can paste text in a different language and the video will present in Spanish! This allows me to add a level of differentiation into my slide presentation that allows my Hispanic ELL students to access the content as well. Lastly, my principal, assistant principal, and district evaluators love the Puppetry addition to my lessons as it is a safe and trusted way to use AI in education; I input the information that is to be presented to students. ”

LaQuita Middleton
2024 Houston ISD Teacher of the Year Nominee

Discover the Amazing Creations Our Customers Bring to Life with Puppetry

Animate AI images, robots, sketches and animals effortlessly

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

General FAQs

What is Puppetry?
Puppetry is a comprehensive toolset designed to simplify the complex task of face animation. By leveraging advanced technology, Puppetry allows users to create lifelike, animated faces through a simple script, eliminating the need for intricate manual adjustments.
What is the Puppetry App for?
The Puppetry App is the easiest way to Animate a face. Creators use it to create animation videos, game assets, instagram posts, mock storyboards and so much more. The App helps us test our technology and bring it in front of our users.
How does Puppetry App generate animated videos?
The Puppetry App uses our API to generate videos using text or video. You provide (or generate) a face and we'll make it talk using the text you specify or a video you record of yourself.
Are there any tips on recording the videos in Puppetry App?
Try to start with a neutral face. It's better to start with the same kind of facial expression that the image you are driving is in. That way our models can figure out how to move the image correctly.
Is Puppetry free for personal use?
Puppetry plans start at just $1 per month. You can use it to create videos for your personal projects, social media, or just for fun. Puppetry can also be used for free on Canva.
Is there a commercial license for Puppetry Content?
The Puppetry Professional and Business Plus plans offer commerical license. If you have specific questions, please reach out to us at and we will get back to you with details.

Audio FAQs

Can I upload my own voiceover?
Absolutely! You can upload your own audio file by clicking “Animate with Audio” in the Animator tab.
What’s the maximum length of audio I can upload?
You can upload your audio as long as it’s within 4-5 minutes, roughly translating to 1,000 words or 3,600 characters.
Can I animate with text?
Yes! You can animate your avatar by typing your text prompt if you click the “Animate with text” in the Animator tab.
Can I use an AI voice?
Absolutely! Puppetry has a lot of AI voice options you can choose for your avatar.
Is English the only language available?
Puppetry supports over 30 languages. Simply type the prompt in your language, and Puppetry will do the work of animating your avatar talking in your preferred language.
What voice style can I use?
Puppetry has a lot of voice styles to choose from in the Animator tab. Simply click “More voices” and select the voice style you want to use for your avatar. There are over 30 voice styles in Puppetry, so feel free to get creative!

Video FAQs

What is the output resolution of the generated videos?
Puppetry generates the best videos with 512 x 512px resolution.
Can I do a 9:16 aspect ratio for video shorts?
Yes! Puppetry supports a 9:16 aspect ratio if you want a generated image. You can also upload your own photo in a 9:16 format ratio, then animate it with Puppetry.
How long does it take to generate videos?
It will take around 10 minutes to generate your videos properly and even longer, depending on the script length. However, please expect that generating your videos may take significantly longer if a high volume of videos are being generated simultaneously.
Can I export my video with a transparent background?
Unfortunately, Puppetry does not yet support exporting transparent generated videos. Rest assured, you can look forward to it in the future!

Avatar FAQs

Is there a limit to how many images I can generate?
None! You can create as many images as you want. It’s unlimited.
Can I upload my own image to animate it?
Yes! You can upload your own photo to animate it. However, please note that Puppetry is designed to animate avatars and non-real-life pictures the best.
Are all available voices included within the AppSumo deal?
Yes! All voices in the Puppetry are part of the deal. You can use any of them as much as you like.
What languages does Puppetry support?
Puppetry supports almost any language. Just type the prompt in the language you want, and then we can generate the audio for it.
Are there any download or character limitations?
You are free to generate unlimited images and avatars with Puppetry. However, Puppetry’s prompt limit is 3,600 characters, enough to generate around 4-5 minutes of video.
Can I upload my own photo and animate it into a cartoon?
Puppetry allows you to only animate your photo for now. However, we are actively working on the feature that will enable you to cartoonify your own picture to animate it.

AppSumo FAQs

What’s the difference between the AppSumo deal and the one on Canva?
If you purchase Puppetry Pro on Appsumo, you can also use the Pro on Canva. The Puppetry on the Canva app is limited and only a subset of the studio. In other words, Canva supports what you can do using Puppetry Studio but is limited in the number of avatars you can generate.
Does the AppSumo deal also come with the phone application?
Unfortunately, the Lifetime deal on Appsumo is only for the web application of Puppetry. The iOS application is not included.
How is this different from your phone application?
The Puppetry app has a video-to-video feature and is currently inaccessible in the Puppetry LTD. Other than that, the lifetime deal on AppSumo offers more features like the ChatGPT and Image generation that you can’t find on the iOS app. Note that the web application will also have the video-to-video feature soon.
How many devices can I use?
There’s no limit! Feel free to use Puppetry on as many devices as you want as long as you use the web version. Please note that Puppetry LTD is only for the web version and does not apply to the Puppetry app.
Will we be grandfathered into future incoming plans?
Of course! All our early adopters on AppSumo will enjoy the future features of Puppetry.
Can I see Puppetry’s Roadmap?
Absolutely! You can see our Puppetry roadmap and our plans to serve

Feel free to reach out if you have any more concerns, questions, suggestions, or clarifications! Please send us an email at