Puppetry is the easiest way to tell stories with faces

Puppetry helps teachers, creators, and marketers create engaging short video content for classrooms and social media

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Puppetry on Canva

Turn images into talking spokesperson in Canva! Create a face, type a script, pick a voice, and Puppetry animates it. It’s as easy as typing a sentence!

Animate faces using your own face

Using your video or your text. No more rigging or head gear required.

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Our users love Puppetry

“Puppetry was exactly what I needed for the product I'm working on and with all the new features they've added, it's going to make my job that much easier... all I can say is that hand animation on these faces would be a huge undertaking .. months of work”

Trammel Ray Issac
Chief Art Officer, Stealth Startup

“Puppetry has allowed my creative imagination to run wild, allowing me to breathe life into characters with astonishing results. It has created a new storytelling workflow for me I never thought imaginable, all with speed and ease. It is a lot of fun!”

Tyronne Schaffer
Creative Director, Havas

“I love Puppetry. It’s a great way to tell stories and build characters. In fact, I'm able to quickly put together engaging "character explorations" for clients to review and help me sell creative vision. The interface of the app is so easy (and fun) to use.”

Lee Margolis
Global Executive Creative Director, MOFILM

Discover the Amazing Creations Our Customers Bring to Life with Puppetry

Animate AI images, robots, sketches and animals effortlessly

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is Puppetry?
Puppetry is a comprehensive toolset designed to simplify the complex task of face animation. By leveraging advanced technology, Puppetry allows users to create lifelike, animated faces through a simple script, eliminating the need for intricate manual adjustments.
What is the Puppetry App for?
The Puppetry App is the easiest way to Animate a face. Creators use it to create animation videos, game assets, instagram posts, mock storyboards and so much more. The App helps us test our technology and bring it in front of our users.
How does Puppetry App generate animated videos?
The Puppetry App uses our API to generate videos using text or video. You provide (or generate) a face and we'll make it talk using the text you specify or a video you record of yourself.
Are there any tips on recording the videos in Puppetry App?
Try to start with a neutral face. It's better to start with the same kind of facial expression that the image you are driving is in. That way our models can figure out how to move the image correctly.
Is puppetry free for personal use?
Yes absolutely, and we will try to keep it that way for as long as we can.
Is there a commercial license for Puppetry Content?
Yes, please reach out to us at hi@elbo.ai and we will get back to you with details.
I am a Voice Over Artist, can I use Puppetry for my Auditions?
Yes, definitely! If you do, please send us a sample so we can share it amongst our creative community too. Good luck!

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