Faces are important

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.”

St. Jerome

Faces tell stories. They express joy, curiosity, and a spectrum of emotions. At Puppetry, we’re dedicated to crafting AI technology that enriches storytelling through the power of facial expressions, connecting us all a little closer.

We are optimists, confident in the transformative potential of AI to make the world a more expressive and connected place. Our mission is to contribute to this future, one face at a time.

A happier place -- Puppetry.com
A happier place -- Puppetry.com
A happier place -- Puppetry.com
A happier place -- Puppetry.com


Saravana Rathinam, Founder and CEO

Saravana Rathinam

Founder and CEO

Our Investors and Advisors

We truly appreciate our early investors and advisors. Your belief in us has made all the difference. Thanks for being part of our story.

  • Prof. Stefano Ermon

    Prof. Stefano Ermon

    Angel Investor and Advisor

    Associate Professor, CS, Stanford University

  • Vineet Khosla

    Vineet Khosla

    Angel Investor

    CTO, Washington Post

  • Clayton Bryan

    Clayton Bryan


    Partner, 500 Global

We’re part of the 500 Global Flagship Accelerator, Batch 34. We’d highly recommend it for any startups, in any stage of their journey. Small cohorts, personalized attention and incredible partners and mentors.

500 Global

Our Friends


We have tried many cloud services and none of them have come close to the price, performance and support provided by TensorDock. If you are looking for compute for AI/ML workloads, give them a try.

NVIDIA Inception

If you are an AI startup then consider joining the NVIDIA Inception program. They are backed by a great team at NVIDIA and there are many discounts for GPU purchases.

OpenColo -- Data Center

At some point you will need to host your own GPUs. If you are looking for a datacenter in the Bay Area, reach out to OpenColo. They have been great partners for us and we highly recommend them.

ElevenLabs Grant

We’ve been fortunate to receive a grant from ElevenLabs. If you are a startup, consider applying for their grant.

Google for startups

If you are just starting out and need a lot of cloud resources for you day to day work, reach out to Google for Startups.