Harnessing the Power of AI Customer Support Agents with Puppetry’s Streaming Avatar

Harnessing the Power of AI Customer Support Agents with Puppetry’s Streaming Avatar

Sarah Reyes
by Sarah Reyes

More than delivering high-quality products or services is required to stay competitive. Today, businesses must consider other strategies to wow, excite, and entice customers to support their brand.

Mind-blowing customer service helps, and using artificial intelligence (AI) streaming avatars is one of the best ways to deliver that.

You can use Puppetry’s Streaming Avatar to ensure your company’s bottom line is as good as a done deal. But you’re probably asking, “How?” Why should you pick Puppetry over others? This article highlights these intriguing questions and offers solutions to other concerns. Keep reading.

Customer Service: A Brand’s Differentiating Element

While high-quality products and services are necessary to compete, 21st-century consumers want and demand impeccable customer support to achieve one's business goals. Here are some stats.

Seven in ten consumers will pay more for offerings from a brand. Moreover, 43 in 50 one-time customers become loyal repeat clients. After all, nine in ten customers return to brands with excellent customer support.

These numbers are nothing less than impressive.

They underscore the thin line differentiating a successful business from a mediocre one. Hence, customer service is crucial in determining whether a brand is worthy of modern consumers. It’s one of the most effective strategies for blasting the competition off the water.

How can AI avatars deliver excellent customer service? For example, they can support customers with reduced or minimal assistance from a company’s support team.

AI avatars use natural language processing, machine learning, and generative artificial intelligence to tackle tasks that do not need a human support agent’s expertise. It’s the extra help that your customer support team needs to lighten their workload, especially in performing repetitive tasks, such as answering the most common customer questions.

Puppetry’s Streaming Avatar and Your Business

Customers want prompt action. They dislike waiting for a customer service agent to become available to find answers to simple questions. Modern consumers expect brands to be there for them when they call.

Puppetry addresses these concerns by empowering businesses to create a streaming avatar to acknowledge and assist customers. This technology leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning advances to make a brand’s digital agent.

Moreover, natural language processing technologies enable the avatar to speak as humanly natural as possible. It’s like talking to a real live person.

Your business can leverage Puppetry’s complex technology in a simplified platform. Customers visiting your website and social media sites will have an incredible experience interacting with an AI customer service streaming avatar.

They can ask common questions about a product, and the generative AI customer support system will deliver accurate answers. It doesn't matter what time customers call or where they’re from. Puppetry’s streaming avatar will be there to provide consistent support.

It's a notable advantage of AI customer support, speeding up the handling of customer inquiries and automating routine processes, including processing simple tasks or answering frequently asked questions, leading to increased customer satisfaction worth sharing on social media and other digital platforms.

And when customers are happy interacting with Puppetry’s streaming avatar, you can bet your business will take off to newer heights. They recommend your brand to friends, family, business associates, and social contacts. That translates to more potential customers, increasing your chances of generating more revenue.

Why Choose Puppetry for AI Customer Support Agents

Businesses with AI customer support agents are reaping the rewards. But why should you pick Puppetry over others?

Uses the latest in AI technology

Puppetry understands clients’ concerns about artificial intelligence and similar technologies. They recognize the need to stay abreast of the latest developments to keep Streaming Avatars as relevant and responsive as possible. Hence, Puppetry continues to push the boundaries of innovation to create a Streaming Avatar that looks and behaves like a real-life human customer service agent.

Its natural language processing is top-notch. You can expect your digital customer service agent to sound as natural as real people when customers interact with them. Even facial expressions mimic what ordinary people would in similar circumstances.


Some businesses think that AI customer support agents require programming skills and a specialist is necessary to create such digital resources. And that scares them because it entails cost.

Puppetry understands. That’s why it created digital solutions with the novice user in mind. You don’t need a college degree to create a streaming avatar serving as your brand’s customer service representative. The process is as straightforward as determining all possible questions that customers might have and writing answers to each.

Puppetry’s streaming avatar creation is so simple even a grade-schooler can create one. I've discussed more details in this post, "How to use Puppetry in the Puppetry Studio.”

You only need to choose a presenter and customize its feature, write a script, or let the software complete it for you. You can also use the ChatGPT integrated function and click "Submit." Then, Puppetry will process the video for you. Isn't that easy?

Excellent features

Puppetry knows not everyone is well-versed with AI. Some business owners might be clueless about writing effective generative AI customer support scripts. No worries! Puppetry can complete a script for you.


What is an AI customer support agent?

An AI customer support agent is a digital creation that addresses simple customer queries and problems. It’s an avatar that answers questions and offers solutions to customers.

Is AI better than real customer service representatives?

AI customer support bots are effective at addressing simple queries. Unfortunately, customers are human beings with emotional and sensitive nuances AI technology might be incapable of picking up. Hence, complex issues often require a human customer service agent to handle the situation.

How does AI improve customer service?

Generative AI boosts customer satisfaction by at least 2% and empowers businesses to deliver quick and consistent customer support.


Wowing customers is integral to any business plan. It guarantees customer happiness, builds brand loyalty, and ensures robust bottom lines. Consumers will grow the business simply because they have positive experiences with its customer service.

Puppetry is every business’s dependable partner in delivering consistently high-quality customer service. Its advanced AI technology empowers brands to maximize customer satisfaction and ensure a competitive advantage.

Try Puppetry and watch customers flock to your business. More importantly, expect to see more new customers wanting to do business with your brand.