Top 5 InVideo AI Alternatives for Avatar Generator

Top 5 InVideo AI Alternatives for Avatar Generator

Kimberly Claire Albarina
by Kimberly Claire Albarina

There are now a lot of AI avatar video tools that you can use to help with your video creation process.

This is especially true if you’re a content creator, a marketer, or someone who needs a lot of avatar videos in their daily work.

InVideo is a great AI avatar generator, but it may not be the best for other people.

Like any other tool, it still has its strengths. However, it also has its own weaknesses or shortcomings that other AI video generator tools can provide better. 

If you’re looking for other InVideo AI alternatives—tools that would better suit your video creation needs—keep reading!

This article provides you with the best 5 AI avatar video generator tools that you can use aside from InVideo AI. Each tool has unique features and strengths that would cater to your needs!

InVideo AI Overview

InVideo is an AI video tool that helps create and generate videos, mainly for social media and content creation. They have different generators for different videos, like reels, outro videos, intro videos, etc.

But other than that, this AI video tool also has their own avatars you can use to make your own video content. They also have a wide collection of templates you can instantly select to save time and make your creation easier.

Advantages of InVideo AI

  • User-friendly interface

  • Good collection of human avatars

  • Extensive voice-over library

  • Supports own upload of video and voices

Disadvantages of InVideo AI

  • Lack of avatar personalization

  • Lack of kid-friendly avatars

  • Pricing plans are a bit expensive

  • Lack of commercial license

Is there anything better than InVideo AI?

Yes, there are other AI avatar video generator tools available that may better suit your needs.

Here are the other 5 InVideo AI alternatives you can use, especially if you want a better avatar generation feature.

Alternative #1: Puppetry

Puppetry homepage

Puppetry is a great AI video generator to replace InVideo, especially when it comes to avatar generation.

It has a lot of video generator features that offer flexibility in terms of personalization, cartoonifying images, and avatar generation from images and text.

Advantages of Puppetry

  • Has commercial license

  • Image-to-cartoon feature

  • ChatGPT integration

  • Extensive avatar and voice-over collection

  • Allows avatar customization, personalization, and generation

  • Unlimited video and avatar generation

What to Look Out For

  • No android application

  • Processing time depends on the length and duration of video

Pricing plans

Puppetry offers great pricing plans both for solopreneurs and commercial businesses.

Solopreneurs: You can get all unlimited usage of Puppetry features (any of them, really) for $19.99 monthly ($79.99 / year).

Commercial use: If you’re an enterprise or a business, you can enjoy unlimited usage of Puppetry features for only $39.99 monthly ($159.99 / year).

Alternative #2:

Synthesia homepage

Synthesia is another awesome AI video tool that offers avatar generation for your videos.

This tool is perfect if you’re attempting to make presentations, like creating onboarding videos, informational videos, training, and others.

Advantages of Synthesia

  • Great avatar collection for presentation videos

  • Hyper-realistic avatars

  • Voiceovers in 120+ languages

Disadvantages of Synthesia

  • Very limited avatar personalization

  • Lack of avatar variation for different uses

  • Expensive pricing for limited features and video generation

Pricing plans

Synthesia has three pricing plans, catered to solo, creator, and enterprise customers.

Starter plan: You can get 10 minutes of video per month for $29 billed monthly ($264 yearly – 25% off)

Creator plan: You can get 30 minutes of video per month for $89 billed monthly ($804 yearly – 25% off)

Enterprise plan: Get unlimited minutes of video and complete access to their avatars with a customized pricing.

Alternative #3: HeyGen

Heygen homepage

Heygen is perfect for e-learning and training videos because of their video and avatar templates that are usually suitable for learning and development niche.

Advantages of HeyGen

  • Expressive avatars

  • 4K resolution video downloads

  • Has cartoon avatar library

Disadvantages of HeyGen

  • Mostly for learning & development-related videos

  • Lacks of avatar generation feature

  • Lacks avatar customization

  • Credit-based subscription

Pricing plans

Heygen has three pricing plans catering to solo creators, team, and enterprise customers.

Creator plan: If you’re a solo creator, you can get 15 credits per month billed $29 monthly ($288 yearly – 20% off)

Team plan: If you’re using HeyGen as a team, you can get 30 credits per month billed $149 monthly ($1440 yearly – 20% off)

Enterprise plan: If you’re a big business, you can get a customized price for unlimited monthly credits.

Alternative #4: Colossyan AI

Colossyan AI homepage

Colossyan AI is another excellent alternative AI avatar tool for InVideo. This AI tool has an avatar feature that is perfect to use in creating training videos, employee onboarding, customer education, and other video needs suited for big companies and businesses.

Advantages of Colossyan AI

  • Able to have scenario-based avatar conversation

  • Voice cloning

  • Can have a custom avatar

Disadvantages of Colossyan AI

  • Mostly limited to company-based videos

  • Pure human avatars – no cartoon or animated avatars

  • Pricing may not be affordable to all

Pricing plans

Colossyan AI offers three kinds of pricing plans: starter, pro, and enterprise.

Starter plan: This is best for individual content creators and the price starts at $27 per month for 10 minute of video creation or $54 if you opt for 20 minute of video creation a month.

Pro plan: This pricing plan is best suited for professionals or those with small teams already. The bill starts at $87 per month for 30 minutes of video creation. There are also options for 60 minute and 90 minute of video creation a month.

Enterprise plan: Of course, Colossyan AI offers custom pricing for big businesses and enterprises, which can get unlimited minutes of video creation a month.

Alternative #5: Avaturn

Avaturn homepage

Avaturn is an awesome AI avatar generator tool that can replace InVideo if you’re looking for more realistic, 3D avatars. What’s even more awesome about this AI avatar tool is the high customization feature where you can create a complete 3D makeover of yourself.

Advantages of Avaturn

  • 2D to 3D Avatar feature

  • Best for games or application software

  • Superb customization

Disadvantages of Avaturn

  • Purely 3D avatars

  • Need to use other third-party software for animation

  • Expensive pro plan

Pricing plan

Avaturn offers only two paid pricing options which are their pro and enterprise plan. There is also a basic plan where you can already enjoy their features for free if you're a small developer or creator.

Pro plan: This is best if you need more features, such as API and SDK for UX customization. This plan starts at $800 a month.

Enterprise plan: If you find the pro plan lacking and need other additional requirements, such as a dedicated cloud server, you can reach out to Avaturn and have customized pricing according to your needs.

Final Thoughts

InVideo AI is an awesome AI video generator tool, but there are surely other tools out there that may better serve you and your video needs. This is true if you’re looking for AI tools with better avatar generation features.

Whether you’re looking for a cartoon animated avatar, 3D characters, or hyper-realistic avatar, the options are vast.**

But if you’re looking for a tool that can generate, customize, personalize, and even cartoonify your images…