BEST 5 AI Talking Head Generators You Must Try! [2024]

BEST 5 AI Talking Head Generators You Must Try! [2024]

Kimberly Claire Albarina
by Kimberly Claire Albarina

See the videos that are being posted online? No matter how short they are, even if they are only spanning for about 5-10 minutes, they take a lot of time and resources to film.

Whether it’s a YouTube video, a seminar video, a training presentation, or just a simple video reel of a content creator, all these videos went through many processes just to be posted.

This is especially true for videos that feature a real person.

Imagine how many retakes happened before you saw the real thing.

They have to record everything again even because of the tiniest mistake.

Mispronounced a word? Retake!

Had a loud noise background? Retake!

Forgot your script? Of course, retake!

That’s why AI talking head generators are truly life savers for many content creators and businesses.

Imagine eliminating all those troubles because all you need to do is let AI do the talking for you.

Best part? You will create those videos without wasting too much time and resources.

There is no need to record everything over and over again when you commit a mistake or decide to make some changes.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to generate a video anymore! In fact, there are also tools to boost your video marketing results.

However, in this article, you will learn the best AI talking head generators you can use to make your videos easier and faster.

But first…

What are AI Talking Head Generators?

These are some of the newest tools out there that are extremely helpful for both individuals and businesses. From text to video tools, video generation, AI video editing, there are a lot of tools that can transform video content.

They are the game-changers for many content creators and businesses since they make video creation easier, better, and faster.

Also called AI Talking Avatars, these tools allow you to create your video presentations, training seminars, video content, and other video-related needs using AI.

You only need to type the script you want the AI to say, then pick the avatar that suits your best needs for the video.

In one click, you’ll already have the video you could’ve created with lots of money, time, and resources if you do it on your own.

Amazing, isn’t it?

What’s even more amazing with these tools is that you can create your own videos even if you’re a beginner! 

Now, we get it. Right here, you’re already probably asking “So, what are the best AI talking head generators out there?”

Don't worry. We made it easy for you.

We compiled the top 5 best AI talking head generators you must try in 2024!

Top 5 Best AI Talking Head Generators

#1. Puppetry – The best AI talking head generator

Topping the list is Puppetry, an AI talking avatar generator many find irresistible! This AI video tool offers the easiest way to create videos using avatars.

Puppetry is perfect for teachers, content creators, and marketers who are using videos to level up the game in their field.

Key Features:

  • Image generator. Puppetry allows you to generate your own avatar by typing its description as a prompt. Have a picture of the avatar you want to use? Puppetry will generate it for you.

  • Presenter generator. Create your avatar and customize it from its skin color, hair color, eye color, lipstick, and even its origin and fashion style. You can absolutely bring your imagination and creativity to life.

  • Cartoon feature. Do you want to make your avatar kid-friendly? You can choose to cartoonify the avatar you customized or generated using the cartoon feature of Puppetry.

  • Integrated ChatGPT. Make your own script for your avatar with Puppetry’s integrated ChatGPT.

Other features:

Over 300 avatar choices. Puppetry offers a lot of face variations for your avatar aside from the fact that you can also upload your own photo or generate your own image.

Wide selection of voice styles. Maximize the versatility of Puppetry with its wide range of voice styles, almost capturing all kinds of tones and emotions you need for your videos.

Supports own upload of audio and photos. Whether you have your own image or voice over, you can easily upload them on Puppetry and animate your avatars using your uploads.

Supports different video ratios. Whether you need it for your TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or other platforms, you can customize and select the best aspect ratio to suit your needs.

Complete Prompting. There is no need to struggle with how to put your imagination into words! Puppetry allows you to use AI to complete the prompt you need to generate the perfect image or script for you.

Supports almost all languages and accents. Let your avatar talk your language. This AI talking head generator supports over 30+ languages and accents.

Access on Canva. You can use this as a FREE AI talking head generator on Canva for limited functions! It's the perfect way to start generating your avatars.

Supports iOS and web versions. Want to have a more accessible option? Access Puppetry on your iOS or Android devices. You can download the Puppetry app on the Appstore or simply access Puppetry Studio on Android and other computers.


Puppetry offers two pricing options that you can pay either monthly or annually.

Both options allow you to generate an unlimited number of avatars and videos already. No limitations. No restrictions.

For solopreneur pricing, you can enjoy creating unlimited avatars and experience the best AI talking head generators for only $19.99 monthly!

For commercial use, enjoy using Puppetry and use it to grow your business for only $39.99 per month.

Note that both pricing options offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

#2. Synthesia

Synthesia is also an AI video generator that is best for creating presentations. It is widely used by many companies due to its video-generation capabilities.

Key features:

Over 140 avatar heads. Synthesia offers a wide range of avatar talking heads for your video presentation.

Supports many languages. This AI talking avatar generator supports different kinds of languages and accents.

Pre-designed templates. Struggling to create presentations? You can choose from Synthesia’s video templates to meet your needs.

Avatar customization. You can also customize your avatar to match your business brand.

Other features:

Video player features. Synthesia allows you to embed your videos anywhere.

Video script assistant. You can generate your scripts using the video script assistant within Synthesia.


Synthesia offers three pricing options that have varying perks and limitations.

For its starter pricing, Synthesia allows you to use 70+ of their avatars, limited to only 10 minutes of video per month at $29 monthly.

For its creator pricing, you can access 90+ AI avatars and generate 30 minutes of video per month at $89.

If you’re a big enterprise, you can get custom pricing depending on your business needs.

#3. HeyGen

Heygen is also a good AI talking head generator choice for creating video presentations. This AI generator is also a nice option for creating e-learning content because of its expressive avatars.

Key features:

AI Video Editing. Heygen is empowered with its video editing tools that you can use to create your videos.

Template library. You can choose the video template from Heygen’s template library that fits your needs.

Free talking head. If you want to try this generator, you can create your first free avatar video for up to 2 minutes.

Other features:

Multiple languages support. Heygen supports up to 40 languages, so it’s pretty much given that they cater to a wide range of languages worldwide.

Customization. Use your creativity as you can upload your photo and audio, and add your own text to customize your videos.


Although you can use HeyGen for free, it may become too limited for most people. You can select from Heygen’s three pricing options to maximize this AI video generator tool.

Its Creator pricing option offers you 60+ avatars and has 15 monthly credits for $29.

Its Team pricing option comes with 60+ avatars and 30 credits a month billed $149 monthly.

If you’re an enterprise, Heygen offers a custom plan to suit your needs perfectly.

#4. DeepBrain AI

This is a great pick for an AI talking head generator if you use it for professional videos. DeepBrain AI specializes in generating hyper-realistic video avatars.

Key features:

Realistic avatars. This AI video tool has a lot of avatars that cover different races, ethnicities, and professions that look like real people.

Customization. DeepBrain allows you to make simple changes and customizations, like background, text, and other customizable features to edit your videos.

Converter option. If you have other files that you want to turn into videos, you can do it with the DeepBrain’s converter feature.

Other features:

Multiple languages support. DeepBrain supports around 80 languages, so you don’t need to worry about generating videos using your language.

Template library. You can easily create your videos using this tool as there are pre-made templates, so you don’t have to create everything from scratch!


This AI avatar generator offers three pricing options: starter, pro, and enterprise.

If you opt for the Starter option, you can get up to 10 minutes of videos per month with access to 100+ avatars and voices. The price for this option is $30 a month.

If you’re a team, you can get up to 90 minutes of video per month, limited to only 20 minutes per video. You also get the same access to the 100 avatars and voices for only $229 a month.

Like with any other AI avatar tools, you can get your own custom price if you opt for DeepBrain's enterprise plan.

#5. Yepic AI

Yepic AI is an AI video tool that is best for creating dub-head videos quickly and easily. This tool is usually used to create e-learning, e-commerce, and real-estate content videos.

Key features:

Translation and dubbing. If you need a tool to translate and dub your videos into another language, Yepic AI can help you.

Dynamic avatars. Their avatars from different backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities, which will surely meet any of your needs in generating your videos.

API integration. Need to integrate Yepic AI’s function into your software? Integrating this AI video tool into your applications and software is easy.

Other features:

Talking photos. You can upload your own photo and turn yourself into an AI avatar.

Multiple languages. Yepic AI supports up to 65 languages in its video-generating function.

Wide range of voices. You will never worry about not finding the right voice for your avatar, thanks to the wide range of voices they have!


Yepic AI has four pricing options: consumer, standard, plus, premium.

If you only intend to use it for personal use, you’re already good to purchase the consumer option which costs £6.98 a month per user.

The standard pricing option is the best if you’re a content creator, sitting at the price of £29 per user a month.

If you’re a business that is in the middle of scaling to a higher level using videos, you can get the best deal with Yepic AI’s plus pricing option which is £79 per user a month.

The premium pricing option costs £499 per user a month which is best if you’re already using chatbots and other power tools for your business.

Final Thoughts

The best AI talking head generator you can use in almost any of your video needs is Puppetry.

Not only you’re winning the best price for unlimited video generations, but you can also get almost the same features, like multiple languages, a wide selection of avatars and voices, and many more!

What’s more is that you are also getting features that are unique among the other AI talking head generators, like the ChatGPT integration and cartoon feature.