Synthesia vs Puppetry

Synthesia vs Puppetry

Sarah Reyes
by Sarah Reyes

Anyone can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create informative, inspiring, engaging, and entertaining content for the world to appreciate. And when it comes to videos and images, two brands stand out.

Join us in exploring the ongoing Synthesia vs. Puppetry debate. One has a well-established presence in the digital content-crazed world, while the other is a fast-climbing upstart ready to take the fight to the top.

Let’s dig deeper into these two AI-powered digital content generators.

Overview of Synthesia and Puppetry AI-Powered Content Producers

Synthesia and Puppetry AI-Powered Content Producers

Deciding between these two AI video generators is easy, considering their background.


ai video generator synthesia

Synthesia’s “People First. Always” philosophy is admirable.

It underscores the brand’s commitment and dedication to listening to and addressing people’s voices above anything else.

A group of entrepreneurs and AI researchers from Cambridge University, the University College of London, Stanford University, and the Technical University of Munich got together in 2017 and founded Synthesia.

Their goal? To empower anyone and everyone to make stellar videos effortlessly and cost-effectively.

The brand uses advanced AI technology to mimic and replace the conventional functionalities of video equipment, audio systems, and video production facilities.

Anyone can produce videos without studios and equipment. Video generation and publishing are effortless, too.

Over 200,000 content creators use the platform, saving them up to 95% in video creation hours.

One in two Fortune 100 companies has Synthesia in their creative departments, while around 55,000 businesses benefitted from the platform’s AI-centric video creation technologies globally.


ai video generator puppetry

This platform shares many things with Synthesia, emphasizing AI technologies and people focus.

Saravana Rathinam’s vision for Puppetry is commendable. He wants everyone to create videos effortlessly. More importantly, Rathimam desires anyone with a vivid imagination to develop and produce high-quality and emotionally captivating videos and images without worrying about expensive gear.

And get this!

Puppetry empowers you to generate AI avatar presenters, talking heads, animated puppets, and informative videos without spending a dime (Free Version).

This platform recognizes the value of human facial expressions.

It’s the perfect jump-off point for social media users and influencers who want to convey meaningful messages to audiences by touching their emotional cords.

Although Puppetry’s video creation usage cannot match Synthesia’s, 77,000+ content creators are more than adequate to underscore the platform’s growth.

It has ChatGPT and Canva integrations.

Rathiham and his team continue to innovate and deliver more user-centric features and models.

Key Synthesia Features

synthesia features

Synthesia has been around for at least seven years.

This headstart gives the platform a significant advantage over competitors, including Puppetry.

Synthesia users appreciate the program for the following features.

Robust AI technology

With nearly a decade of integrating AI updates and trends into their offerings, Synthesia’s video generation capabilities are superb.

Its founders were AI specialists and enthusiasts long before ChatGPT and other AI technologies became mainstream.

Creating videos is like child’s play.

The platform has nearly unrivaled resources to make video production seamless.

After all, Synthesia ALWAYS puts people first.

And that means anything to make video generation through AI accessible.

Credible Workspaces

Synthesia works best for teams and businesses.

It has digital workspaces that empower content creators to collaborate with unlimited guest commenters and editors.

However, this feature only applies to the platform’s Enterprise edition, with the Starter and Creator packages limited to three and five commenters.

The lower-priced plans don’t offer organization and workspace. That’s understandable, considering most content creators and individual users don’t work in teams.

Extensive AI Avatar Collection

Synthesia has over 120 stock AI avatars for its Enterprise edition, including multiple looks and industry avatars.

Unfortunately, the Starter package limits avatar access to around 70, while its Creator Plan users can access about 90.

On the bright side, Synthesia users can produce one web avatar regardless of the plan.

Multiple Language Support And Voiceover Technology

Synthesia supports over 130 languages.

It should cover virtually anyone on the planet.

This feature makes the platform a powerful communication tool for conveying messages across regional and international borders.

Premium voiceovers are available on the Enterprise and Creator Plans. The former also edges other packages in voice cloning and language translation features.

Noteworthy Integrations & Media Support

Synthesia’s application programming interface (API) is noteworthy.

And so is its AI script assistant. You can leverage its built-in screen recorder, custom fonts, and closed captions. Users can also import PowerPoint slides.

Users can access stock and premium video templates, although the latter is only available to Enterprise Plan holders. It’s the same story with Shutterstock images and branded templates.

Synthesia has a dedicated customer service management (CSM) platform, security assertion markup language (SAML) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) security, and customizable terms & conditions (T&Cs).

Key Puppetry Features

Check out the following for the main features you’ll love about Puppetry.

puppetry features

AI-Powered Video And Image Generation

Puppetry is new. That’s good news.

This means that it uses only the latest advances in AI technologies. The best part is that these systems are proven and beyond their initial discovery stages.

This platform doesn’t only rely on generative AI technologies to produce videos. It leverages ChatGPT and Canva integrations to make content creation more meaningful.

Not only that. Puppetry lets users develop and publish puppets, talking heads, digital characters, and cartoons.

Multiple language support

Like Synthesia, Puppetry supports multiple languages. Although 30+ might not be as significant as Synthesia’s 130+, it’s still commendable.

As long as you can create stunning videos in the major languages (i.e., English, Chinese, and Spanish), you can communicate with virtually anyone worldwide.

Puppetry’s voiceover collection is equally impressive.

It doesn’t have Synthesia’s voice cloning capabilities, but the platform’s creators say Puppetry is continuously evolving.

Fun Cartoonify mode

Who doesn’t love cartoons?

And if you can transform an ordinary picture into a whimsical drawing or sketch, others will love you.

Cartooning any image is easy with Puppetry’s Cartoonify feature. It’s a fun way to create attention-grabbing images that people on social media will discuss.

User-Friendly Interface

Puppetry has one of the user-friendliest interfaces among generative AI video creators.

It’s the perfect platform for beginners and business owners with limited or zero technical knowledge. It only requires imagination to develop images and videos that resonate with audiences.

Avatar Collection

This platform has hundreds of avatars that users can integrate into their videos.

The best part is that Puppetry doesn’t limit its use. And that’s something, especially if one considers the platform’s reasonable pricing.

Pricing Comparison: Synthesia vs. Puppetry

Advanced technologies are costly. After all, developers spend countless hours designing and testing effective digital solutions. But how do Synthesia and Puppetry go head to head on the price front?


synthesia pricing

Synthesia’s proprietary AI video generation technology is available for only $22 monthly.

The Starter package allows content creators to produce up to ten minutes of video with 50 scenes per month.

You can share your creations with three guest commenters, although the package doesn’t include workspace and organization.

The Starter Plan gives creators access to 70+ AI avatars and standard voices.

It has a web avatar, but only if you subscribe to the annual plan. You can also customize the avatar, but with additional fees.

Content creators who want a more robust Synthesia offering should consider the platform’s Creator Plan for about $67 monthly. They can produce up to 30 minutes of videos monthly and add two guest commenters to the Starter package’s three.

Premium voices and 90+ stock avatars are available for this plan. Users also enjoy an AI script assistant, custom fonts, and other perks.

Brands that want to leverage Synthesia’s AI capabilities should consider subscribing to the platform’s Enterprise solution.

The package costs considerably more than the Creator Plan. Synthesia advises clients to contact them to discuss pricing.

The Enterprise package offers limitless possibilities.

Although you can produce as many videos as you want, the platform still caps the scenes to 50.

It has over 120 stock avatars, premium voiceovers, unlimited media resources, robust integrations, efficient sharing & exporting, and stellar administration & support.

Unsurprisingly, most well-established businesses pick Synthesia’s Enterprise package. It might not be an excellent choice for small companies and budget-constrained startups.


puppetry pricing

How much do AI video generators cost?

Many aspiring content creators pose this riddle. And you’ll be glad to learn Puppetry understands how significant price is as a factor.

Puppetry has three plans, with the first (Creator) being free. Yes, that’s right!

Puppetry won’t charge you a dime for using its ever-evolving platform to create virtual talking heads, realistic avatars, cartoonified images, and stunning videos.

This package empowers content creators, Canva users, social media proponents, and learning & development professionals to develop meaningful content without worrying about recurring fees.

Although this free version has limitations, users can still access Puppetry’s resources.

There’s a catch, though.

One shouldn’t use the creations for commercial purposes.

And if that’s what you need to advance your business, Puppetry’s Solopreneur and Commercial Plans are excellent choices.

And cost-effective, too!

Puppetry’s Solopreneur package is perfect for sole proprietorship businesses or companies with a single owner.

It’s ideal for beginning business owners and startups with limited budgets.

Why? The Solopreneur plan only costs about $20 monthly or around four Starbucks grande-size coffees.

Small and medium-sized enterprises will love Puppetry’s Commercial package. They will get identical features and benefits as Solopreneurs for about $20 more.

Synthesia and Puppetry Use Cases

Puppetry and Synthesia

Like other AI-driven video generators, Puppetry and Synthesia open endless possibilities. We shortlisted these practical applications as follows.

Learning & Development

Trainers, instructors, teachers, and anyone with knowledge and skills to share can use AI video developers to create informative or educational content.

Even employees will appreciate training and seminars with video presentations instead of the usual lecture type.

Sales Enablement

Creating a virtual salesforce with digital avatars is easy. These virtual salespeople can handle sales and after-sales services.

More importantly, avatars can be excellent spokespersons for your brand. They analyze customer preferences and offer tailored responses.

Customer Service

Customers expect nothing short of stellar service from companies. They want businesses to help address issues, illustrate how to operate a new feature, or optimize an innovation.

AI videos and avatars can make customer service delivery more efficient, especially for businesses that design and mount a highly relatable AI avatar customer service agent.


Promoting products is labor-intensive, especially for brands targeting multiple markets.

An AI marketing avatar can help improve information dissemination and product promotion.

More people will view your marketing campaigns because the avatars will talk to them like real people.


Orienting new employees is every company’s responsibility. Although brands expect new hires to work 100% from Day 1, transitioning from their previous roles is crucial.

Onboarding videos are essential. These tools make learning new competencies and company information more convenient and help new employees transition quickly into their roles.

Social Media Engagement

Nearly 5.1 billion people engage others on social media. This figure underscores humankind’s inherent need to connect.

You don’t need to be an influencer to appreciate social media’s value.

However, posting relatable and emotionally engaging images and videos can help drive home the point. Social media is all about connections or engagements.

Similarities Between Synthesia and Puppetry

Puppetry and Synthesia

Let’s consider commonalities between these two platforms.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Both platforms leverage AI technology to empower content creators.

You’ll never need a camera, video recorder, audio equipment, editing software, or a studio to create compelling and informative videos. AI does everything within minutes.

Practical Applications

AI use cases are identical.

Synthesia and Puppetry are perfect for social media engagement, marketing, learning & development, and sales generation.

Differences between Puppetry and Synthesia

synthesia vs puppetry

Puppetry and Synthesia are popular platforms for content creators. Although both systems leverage AI for various purposes, they differ in the following aspects.

Video & Image Production Resources

Synthesia beats Puppetry’s video creation resources (i.e., avatars, language support, and voices).

However, having multiple options can be a double-edged sword. It can give users optimum versatility in their creations, or it can be headache-inducing for people with difficulty choosing.

While Puppetry’s video generation resources aren’t as many as Synthesia’s, going through the collection won’t give users a headache.

Moreover, the platform allows customization to make creations close to the creator’s initial idea. It’s a win-win.


Puppetry aces this aspect, beating Synthesia with its free-to-use Creator plan and reasonably priced packages.

Although Synthesia offers a free AI video demo, that’s it! Users can only try the platform’s video generation capabilities once.

Compare that with Puppetry; you’ll see the latter has the edge.

The free-to-use plan is perfect for content creators who only want to engage followers and audiences.

It’s a personal use-only platform that empowers users to create fascinating videos and whimsical images without costly monthly fees.

Puppetry’s Solopreneur and Commercial Plans beat Synthesia’s Starter, Creator, and Enterprise packages.

You can get Puppetry’s Solopreneur Plan and save two dollars monthly against Synthesia’s Starter package.

Summary of Puppetry and Synthesia Pros and Cons

We discussed many things about these two platforms. And that might confuse you. So, we summarized the key points for each in the following table.

Our Verdict

Synthesia might appear to be the hands-down winner in this comparison.

However, Puppetry has its strong points. The platform’s cartoonify feature and free-to-use version are noteworthy advantages beginner content creators should not overlook.

Moreover, Puppetry’s team continuously pushes the boundaries of technological improvement.

Final Thoughts

Both AI-powered content generators are excellent tools.

Puppetry is best for absolute beginners for its clutter-free interface and modest resources. It’s also ideal for cash-strapped entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, big businesses can pick Synthesia, especially if they have a dedicated creative department.