How to Cartoonify Images Free

How to Cartoonify Images Free

Sarah Reyes
by Sarah Reyes

Turning an image into a whimsical cartoon is excellent for unleashing imagination and creativity. It’s fun!

A cartoonified image can also be a magnet for social media engagement.

But isn’t cartooning challenging? Isn’t it expensive?

How about we teach you how to cartoonify image free?

You only need a bit of creativity and a few taps on the screen.

Sounds good? Let’s start.

How to Cartoonify Images Free With Puppetry

We recommend Puppetry, especially for beginners. This AI cartoonify app is easy to use. Even kids can create masterful cartoonified pictures with a few screen taps.

  1. Log into the Puppetry App (or visit on your mobile device or desktop).

  2. Find the Cartoonify image feature.

  3. Upload a photo from your media files or take a selfie.

  4. Adjust the sliders to control the intensity and style of the cartoon effect.

  5. Click 'Submit' to generate your cartoon image.

That’s it!

General Tips to Cartoonify Any Image for Free

Learning to cartoonify a picture free of charge is easy. We outlined the following steps to make this activity as convenient as possible.

1. Pick a suitable AI-powered cartoonify app.

Although most cartooning apps are free to use, most limit their features or impose restrictions that can make cartoonifying images less fun than they should be.

For example, some programs might flood the interface with annoying pop-out ads and constant reminders of in-app purchases.

Others might leave a watermark on your cartoonified image or limit your saved picture to a few megabytes.

Some might be too complicated to use, while others offer thousands of templates and styles that can make choosing a headache-inducing chore.

Other apps might have security issues, saving your work in the Cloud with dubious security measures.

You should shortlist cartoonify AI programs by evaluating their features, ease of use, security, and overall value.

Although they might be free, some limitations or restrictions might exist.

2. Import the image you want to cartoonify

Ideally, you will want to pick the ideal picture to cartoonify.

We recommend choosing a portrait showcasing your face’s best assets (i.e., eyes, lips, nose, brows, bangs, etc.).

AI can discern unique facial attributes and use them to transform ordinary portraits into magical cartoons, caricatures, sketches, drawings, and paintings.

Most platforms offer two methods of importing images.

First, you can use your smartphone’s camera to take a selfie and apply the cartooning effects. This method uses AI-powered filters to make the photo seem drawn or sketched.

Second, you can choose a portrait from your files and upload it to the app. This technique is perfect when you’re not in the ideal situation for an excellent selfie.

3. Choose a cartooning style and fine-tune the image

Cartooning apps offer tens to thousands of image styles.

You could pick classic cartooning or apply pencil strokes.

Others deliver oil paintings, charcoal sketches, pastel drawings, and other cartooning styles.

Please remember to tweak the background.

Add lighting effects, vignette the corners, or create a lens blur (making the foreground look sharper than the backdrop).

You should check the app's styles to pick the best for your cartoonized image.

Unfortunately, evaluating thousands of style options can be dizzying.

4. Save and share

We want to cartoonify image to share on our social media, right?

Cartooning portraits can add a fun element to our posts (and help us gain more followers).

Save your cartoonified portrait and share it on Facebook, Instagram, X, Tumblr, and other social media platforms.

Watch others comment on your creation, and use the feedback to make the necessary tweaks in future cartoonified portraits.

Why Cartoonify an Image?

People cartoonify an image for different reasons.

Most do it for the sheer fun of watching ordinary pictures morph into whimsical photos.

Others consider the activity an outlet for creativity.

Still, some folks cartoonify pictures to bump their social media engagements.

People are more likely to comment, like, or share an unusual picture on someone’s social media post.

This strategy effectively boosts social media presence, especially for users who double as businesses or affiliate marketers.

Regardless of the reason, cartoonifying an image is fun and engaging!

Some Images Created with Puppetry's Cartoonify an Image Feature

#1 The Cool Catcartoonify an image

#2 A Busy City View
cartoonify image free

#3 What a Piece of Cake

how to cartoonify an image

#4 My Furry Friend's Day at the Beach

cartoonify an image with puppetry

#5 What's Up?


Regardless of your goal for cartoonified images, cartooning ordinary portraits and pictures is easy and fun. Your imagination is the limit!

It can also be an excellent strategy for improving social media engagement because it offers followers something unique to comment on, share, and like.

Cartoonified photos can be your unique identity, too. And that can be an outstanding technique for establishing and strengthening your brand.

Try Puppetry today!