How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel with AI Puppets

How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel with AI Puppets

Sarah Reyes
by Sarah Reyes

Have you ever wondered why millions want to become a YouTuber? Would you be surprised to know it’s not all about the fame but the serious cash you could make from creating exciting and engaging YouTube videos?

Although making videos is now easier with technological advances, the process can still be mentally and energy draining.

The good news? You can automate YouTube channels to make the video creation and production more efficient and hassle-free.

So, if you want to learn how to start a YouTube automation channel with AI Puppets and other AI-powered tools, keep reading!

What Is YouTube Automation?

YouTube Automation

In its simplest definition, automation equals efficiency = doing things right quickly and with minimal input from human operators.

Automation YouTube Channels aren’t any different. You can create and publish videos in two ways.

First, you could outsource talent to perform specific YouTube video creation tasks.

For example, you could hire a third-party scriptwriter, videographer, and video editor to increase productivity with minimal effort.

Unfortunately, outsourcing can be costly, depending on talent rates.

And that brings us to another option – AI automation.

You can get the best AI technologies to perform repetitive YouTube video production tasks.

Some systems also provide AI image generator programs to produce puppets and avatars. This trick saves you money from hiring a live person.

Beginner and DIY YouTubers often pick the second option because it’s more efficient.

You can use AI technologies to write a video script, edit videos, schedule video uploads, manage YouTube comments, and analyze YT channel performance while you focus on developing content ideas.

We must point out that YouTube automation channels use stock animations or video footage instead of the typical YouTuber or influencer, like MrBeast. And that’s why many call these channels faceless YouTube videos.

Why Make YouTube Automation Channels?

How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel with AI.png

Knowing the many benefits of YouTube automation channels will make you want to create such platforms. Here are three compelling reasons you should start making one.

Generates passive income

Did you know you could earn hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly with YouTube videos doing nothing? That’s the allure of YouTube automation.

You let other people or AI do everything while you relax and watch your bank account grow.

Doesn’t rely on the channel creator

One issue with conventional YouTube channels is video production depends on the creator.

What if the person or YouTuber isn’t available? What if they fall ill? What happens to their channel? What if the scriptwriter is absent or the video editor and uploader aren’t around? What then? Automation doesn’t have these constraints.

Gives access to multiple income streams

Most YouTubers generate income from ads.

Automation opens other income-generating avenues, including super chats, brand sponsorships, channel memberships, affiliate marketing, and more.

That’s more chances of earning a fat paycheck by month’s end.

6 Easy Steps to Start a YouTube Automation Channel with AI Puppets

Steps to Start a YouTube Automation Channel with AI

Making a faceless YouTube automation channel is easy, especially with AI avatars, puppets, and other AI tools. We simplified the channel creation with these six steps for beginner YouTubers.

1. Identify a high-paying niche.

Although YouTube can accommodate virtually any theme or topic, you will want to focus on a segment that brings the most money.

For example, making money online remains the highest-earning niche on the platform.

It has an average revenue per mile (RPM) of $13.52, while the digital marketing niche has $12.52.

Personal finance rounds up YouTube’s top three highest-paying niches with $12.

But wait! What’s RPM?

This metric describes your video’s ad revenue-generating capabilities.

For example, suppose the niche brings a $15 RPM. In that case, every thousand video views produces $15.

If you hit a million views, you could pocket $15,000. Good!

Although focusing on a high-paying niche makes sense, competition can be fierce.

Moreover, you might need to gain the necessary background to build niche-related credibility. So, you can pick niches that you’re passionate about and choose the most profitable.

2. Determine a gap in the niche.

There may be better ideas than slugging it out with the big boys (read, well-established YouTube channels).

Or you can kiss your YouTube monetization strategy goodbye if you go head-to-head with the best niche channels.

Here’s a trick!

Find an opening within a niche.

How? Go incognito in your browser and search your niche.

Find YouTube videos with high view counts (i.e., >10,000) but few subscribers (i.e., <1,000).

These videos present two things.

First, people love them.

Second, only some YouTube channels make these videos. That’s your opening.

You can focus your YouTube automation channel creation efforts on this gap.

3. Analyze the competition.

Just because you have an opening doesn’t mean everything will be a walk in the park from here on.

You should study and analyze YouTube channels that make high-view videos with low subscriber counts.

Why do YouTube users love watching these videos?

Is it because of a relatable storyline?

How about shots that feel entertaining and fresh?

Is it their musical score? Can you improve on what the competition is doing?

More importantly, find the topics missing in conversations.

Will YouTube users want content focusing on these themes? Analyze data and create content accordingly.

4. Build your YouTube automation team.

You’re ready to make a YouTube automation channel. Here’s the deal. Will you do it alone, or will you employ other people’s help?

You need at least four people to create an engaging YouTube channel cash cow.

A scriptwriter is necessary to develop fascinating storylines, while a video editor is essential for producing silver screen-worthy short films.

A voiceover artist can be handy, too.

They add a more professional voice to your YouTube video.

You will also need a thumbnail designer to make these video snippets attractive so that YouTube users won’t miss them.

Guess what?

You can do everything yourself (with artificial intelligence technologies).

AI systems and tools can write scripts, edit videos, add realistic voiceovers, produce YouTube thumbnails, and more!

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5. Create YouTube content with AI Puppets and AI-powered content generators.

AI Puppets

Begin this step by drafting your video script or storyboard.

You can use Puppetry’s ChatGPT integration feature or OpenAI’s original creation to produce a compelling story for your YouTube video.

Next, open the Puppetry Studio’s Animator and choose a digital avatar to become your video’s presenter. [Here’s a guide on how to use puppetry in the Puppetry Studio]

Alternatively, you can create an AI puppet using the platform’s AI-powered puppet generator tool.

Tweak the puppet or avatar’s attributes.

Some platforms have video templates and background scenes to add to your project.

Add voiceover, sound effects, and musical score.

Most AI platforms offer excellent support for such video additions.

Watch your YouTube video and assess whether you like the quality.

Do you think viewers will love it?

Done? You’re ready to publish your YouTube video.

6. Keep improving.

You cannot expect your channel to start raking in money instantly. It takes time. Moreover, you must be a YouTube Partner to enjoy YouTube channel monetization.

Becoming a YouTube Partner allows you to generate money from Google ads running on your content.

Before you can be a partner, your channel must have at least a thousand subscribers, with over 4,000 watch-hours in the last year.

You must have an AdSense account and no YouTube Community Guidelines violations.

Hence, keep creating and posting videos on your YouTube channel.

Use AI scheduling tools and other technologies to ease the burden of uploading videos.

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6 Ways to Monetize YouTube Automation Beyond Ad Revenue

Monetize YouTube Automation

YouTube automation channels are an excellent way to generate revenue from Google Ads. But did you know you can earn more through the following techniques?

  1. Super chats– This trick is perfect for livestreaming YouTube channels, encouraging viewers to pay $1 to $500 to have their live chat messages pinned at the top.

  2. Brand sponsorships or deals – Some brands pay YouTube channels for every video view, with some companies paying up to ten cents. For example, suppose your video gained 10,000 views. You will receive a $1,000 incentive.

  3. Print on demand – You can collaborate with print-on-demand companies to print your YouTube channel logo on branded merchandise. Sell these items to your audience.

  4. Affiliate marketing– Most highly paid YouTubers add affiliate links to their videos. The YouTuber earns a commission when audiences click these links and buy the promoted product.

  5. Exclusive channel memberships– Do you have YouTube content you want to reserve for paying members? If so, you can grow your revenues by up to 400%.

  6. Digital products and services– Use your YouTube channel to promote your created products. You can also offer services to audiences.

Get the most out of monetization. Use these YouTube engagement techniques for your channel.

YouTube Automation Mistakes to Avoid

YouTube automation channels Although automation lets you enjoy life while virtually doing nothing, you must monitor the output occasionally. Here are two mistakes to avoid when growing your YT automation channel.

Re-uploading content

AI scours the internet for information and weaves it into credible story plots for your YouTube videos. Unfortunately, re-uploading another YouTuber’s creations is always possible. Hence, you will want to review the AI suggestions before finalizing them into a video.

Adding copyrighted music

YouTube values intellectual property rights.

And if it notices your video has copyrighted music, you can expect to get the red flag. You won’t earn a cent.

More importantly, YouTube might take down your channel.

The good news is the internet has thousands of royalty-free music.

You can avoid the penalties by clarifying your AI prompts to use only royalty-free or free-to-use music.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn from YouTube automation?

No standard YouTube payouts exist. Highly-paid YouTubers can earn millions per video.

For example, MrBeast receives a $4 million paycheck for every video he posts on the platform. The sky’s the limit. You could earn a few hundred dollars to a six- or seven-figure monthly salary.

How much should I spend to start automating my YouTube channel?

How much it costs to start a YouTube automation budget varies across channels, topic niches, and YouTube consistency levels.

Most beginners spend about $85 to $100 to produce at least 35 videos before breaking even.

Meanwhile, advanced YouTubers need at least a dozen $100 videos to get a decent ROI.

Is YouTube automation legal?

Automating YouTube channels is legal, provided you do it the right way and observe the platform’s Community Guidelines.

In hindsight, robust AI-powered technologies can help monitor compliance and moderation to ensure YouTube doesn’t penalize you or your channel.

Final Thoughts

YouTube automation channels are a beginner YouTuber’s ticket to a steady passive income in the internet age.

Although you can do everything the old-fashioned way, automation simplifies and makes everything more efficient.

You can generate handsome revenues more quickly and build enough wealth to expand into other YouTube video-related money-making projects.