Puppetry Roadmap

Feature Development

  • Dynamic Video Creation with SD API (PUP-163): Implement motion and dynamics into video generation, enhancing the visual experience using SD Video.
  • Autopilot Image Generation (PUP-167): Automate the image generation process, allowing for more intuitive user experiences.
  • Advanced Image Editing Capabilities (PUP-222, PUP-263, PUP-247): Introduce masking, custom ratios, and pose creation tools for refined control over content.
  • Create video to video pipeline (PUP-447): Add video to video pipeline for more advanced video creation.
  • Transparency (PUP-459, PUP-458): Transparency in videos (WEBM format) for versatile content creation.
  • Support for Super Resolution (New Feature): Add support for super resolution to increase video resolution, enhancing the overall video quality.
  • Sales Lip Sync Page (PUP-394): Develop a dedicated page for sales lip sync functionalities.
  • VOA Artist Profile Input (PUP-396): Enable input for VOA artist profile creation.
  • Careers Page (PUP-399): Add a careers page to attract talent.
  • Blog Section (PUP-34): Implement a blog section on the website for content marketing.
  • PowerPoint to Talking Video (PUP-397): Convert PowerPoint presentations into talking videos.
  • Integration with Zapier (PUP-319) and Bubble.io (PUP-318): Facilitate integrations with popular automation and no-code platforms.

User Experience Enhancements

  • Interface Improvements (PUP-227, PUP-241): Implement dark mode and source box input, improving usability and customization.
  • Content Management (PUP-228): Streamline image list loading with Firebase for efficient asset management.
  • Diverse Character Representation (PUP-440, PUP-449): Expand character age, weight, and personal attributes for inclusivity.

Performance Improvements

  • Rendering Optimization (PUP-461, PUP-462): Accelerate video rendering and establish priority queues for premium customers.
  • Bug Fixes (PUP-464): Address audio issues, such as the loud click sound in video generation, to enhance quality.

Accessibility & Internationalization

  • Multilingual Support (PUP-404): Launch Puppetry blog content in Arabic, French, Japanese -- broadening our global user base.

Integrations & Partnerships

  • Affiliate Program with Rewardful (PUP-349): Foster growth through rewarding affiliate partnerships.
  • Social Media & Adobe Integrations (PUP-451, PUP-437, PUP-436): Explore auto-posting and enrich asset import capabilities, along with the creation of AI presenters.

Content & Community Engagement

  • User Onboarding & Support (PUP-403, PUP-465): Refine the onboarding flow and add support hours to the website for better user guidance.
  • Feedback Implementation (PUP-443, PUP-442, PUP-441): Address AppSumo community feedback regarding rendering issues, audio clicks, and character diversity.
  • TTS Previews (PUP-333): Implement Text-to-Speech previews as requested by customers.
  • Download Difficulties (PUP-337): Address user feedback regarding difficulties in downloading videos.

Operational Excellence & Technical Improvements

  • Duplicate Generation Prevention (PUP-292): Implement checks to avoid redundant content creation, saving time and resources.
  • API Access (PUP-463): Provide API access for enhanced integration and automation capabilities with Puppetry.
  • Azure Instance Deployment (PUP-217): Deploy one Azure instance to start clock on Azure credits.
  • Customization for Sales Rep Video Outreach (PUP-366): Enhance customization options for sales representative video outreach.
  • Adobe Embed SDK Integration (PUP-323): Integrate Adobe Embed SDK for advanced media capabilities.
  • Pre-generated Characters for Children (PUP-302): Create pre-generated characters that children would like.
  • Fixing Doubling Artifacts in Videos (PUP-219): Address and correct doubling artifacts in video from remove_background.
  • Text Input Limit (PUP-408): Resolve issues with text input limit exceeded for 4096 chars.

Education & Engagement

  • Adobe Education Tier (PUP-438): Offer educational pricing and tiers to support learning and development.
  • Content Creation Assistance (PUP-435, PUP-434, PUP-433, PUP-432): Provide tools and guidance for spelling, grammar, Instagram captions, and relevant hashtags.

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