FAQ Videos: Video Marketing Guide for Startups

FAQ Videos: Video Marketing Guide for Startups

Sarah Reyes
by Sarah Reyes

Would it surprise you to learn that nine in ten customers expect brands to provide instant answers to their queries?

We can only imagine how customers will feel if you cannot answer their questions instantly and accurately.

Enter FAQ videos.

These audio-visual tools go beyond the usual text-based frequently asked questions.

They deliver answers promptly, clearly, and accurately, ensuring optimal knowledge acquisition and retention.

But why should you create frequently asked question videos?

How do you know the FAQ video is good enough for your audiences and customers? More importantly, how should startups develop FAQ videos for video marketing?

Worry no more. We will share everything about FAQ videos in this simplified guide for startups.

What Are FAQ Videos?

what are faq videos

As the name suggests, an FAQ video is the audiovisual equivalent of a standard text-type question-and-answer FAQ section on websites.

It delivers quick, reliable, and accurate answers to common customer queries.

However, customers and audiences “watch” the short clip instead of merely reading the text.

Videos can stir emotions more effectively than written words.

Visuals and audio connect instantly to the brain’s emotional center, allowing us to remember what we watched longer and more accurately than reading text.

Unsurprisingly, FAQ videos are better than conventional text-type FAQs.

Check out this sample video: Puppetry General FAQs

How Can My Company Benefit from FAQ Videos?

A thoughtfully scripted, well-crafted, frequently asked questions video is more effective than traditional written question-and-answer lists.

But what benefits or advantages can your brand and customers derive from such a video marketing tool?

Quick answers to common questions

As mentioned, nine in ten customers demand immediate responses to their sales, technical, marketing, or customer service queries.

And here’s the real kicker!

Three in five customers expect answers within ten minutes. The faster the brand answers, the more positive the brand perception.

For example, can you expect a potential customer to do business with your company if you cannot answer their question within ten minutes?


There’s a greater chance your customer will ditch your brand for a competitor, especially one that delivers answers promptly.

Clear solutions

Instant answers aren’t the only attributes customers demand from brands.

They want clear and accurate solutions, too!

It makes no sense to answer a question within two minutes if the information is inaccurate or full of inconsistencies.

An AI FAQ video can deliver prompt, clear, and accurate answers to common customer questions.

You can use ChatGPT or similar generative AI technology platforms to create credible answers to audience queries.

These technologies scour the internet for the most authoritative solutions, giving credence to your brand FAQ videos.

Boosts brand credibility

Brands must strive for credibility to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Trustworthiness, authenticity, and reputation are vital for attracting more new customers and strengthening the loyalty of the current customer base.

Imagine answering questions accurately within ten minutes. Your customers will be happy and share their positive experiences with your brand with their friends, officemates, acquaintances, and social networks.

These people could become new customers, helping you grow your business.

Lightens customer service workload

Potential and existing customers contact businesses for many reasons.

Some have simple queries, while others require more complex answers.

With hundreds of customers calling the hotline anytime, relying on customer service agents to handle such queries can be daunting.

The Harvard Business Review says startups should consider hiring a customer service representative once the business has grown to about five to 20 employees.

With the average CS agent handling 30 to 50 calls daily, having FAQ videos can reduce work-related fatigue.

Agents can still address complex customer issues.

On the other hand, AI-generated videos can handle simple customer queries.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good-Quality FAQ Video?

good quality faqs videos

Whether you create FAQ videos from scratch or with high-tech AI video generators, some attributes are worth considering.

Although these characteristics aren’t absolute, they can boost video marketing strategies by improving customer engagement. So, what does a good-quality FAQ video look like?


Like conventional FAQs, FAQ videos must be direct to the point. It should be concise yet provide adequate explanation to satisfy the customer.

Your video must be easy to understand, allowing customers and audiences to feel you sufficiently addressed their queries.


As mentioned, delivering quick answers doesn’t mean anything if they don’t hit the bull’s eye.

Although you can use generative AI technologies to craft answers for common questions, you must still check the entry’s veracity.

After all, you don’t want your customers to feel shortchanged. They want honest and valid answers.


FAQ videos for video marketing must showcase the brand’s attributes.

For example, can you associate blue and red with Apple? No?

That would be grey and black, right?

How about Coca-Cola? We know this brand uses red, white, and black. Logos, fonts, and other visual and audio elements must be consistent with your brand.

Excellent-quality visuals and audio

Videos are superhighways to the brain’s emotional center – the amygdala.

The more vivid the visuals and accompanying sounds, the better the video can connect to our emotions.

Hence, good-quality FAQ videos must have stunning visuals and compelling audio. Otherwise, customers will be better off reading a plain text version.

Brand personality

We mentioned brand consistency. And that extends to your company’s personality.

Is it quirky and fun, or professional and formal?

You might want to examine your brand’s personality and ensure the FAQ video conveys the same.


Thinking that all customers are alike is a mistake.

Some prefer videos with closed captions.

Others like downloadable transcripts they can read.

High-contrast visuals can also benefit some viewers, especially those with vision issues.

More importantly, your FAQ videos must be mobile-friendly. This requirement empowers customers to view FAQ videos on the go.

How to Create High-Quality FAQ Videos

video marketing tips

Now comes the most critical question – how do you create FAQ videos?

Producing FAQ videos shouldn’t differ from developing YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook videos.

However, the preliminary steps are crucial. Hence, we recommend observing the following steps.

Step 1: Determine the right questions

You have several options to determine what customer questions to include in your FAQs.

Ideally, you should brainstorm with your customer service and marketing teams to list all questions they hear from customers.

Study and analyze each query, and identify the most common questions.

Alternatively, startup businesses can engage in simple consumer research.

Analyzing social media posts and product reviews can also offer insights into the most often-asked questions.

You can also utilize keyword research tools. These online resources can display the most common phrases and questions people ask when searching online.

You can fine-tune the queries to fit your brand, products, or services.

Step 2: Formulate answers

Formulating the answers to common customer questions should be a breeze.

After all, these queries focus on your products or services.

And since you are the master of your offerings, you can build credible and authoritative answers.

However, we must emphasize keeping the answers brief and on point.

It must be comprehensive enough to address the customer’s needs without omitting crucial information. Lay it out in simple words.

Step 3: Develop the video script

Video scripts are indispensable tools for successful video marketing initiatives.

Scripts provide direction and allow AI avatars or digital presenters to speak the answers to the FAQs. This step is a cinch if you aced the first two.

We recommend keeping the script straight to the point yet very conversational.

You can inject humor into the script, provided you don’t go overboard.

Subject matter experts can check your script for validity and accuracy, while copyeditors can ensure you have impeccable content.

Step 4: Choose a video style

Most FAQ videos feature talking heads or digital avatars.

They are like your company’s AI customer service representatives, answering queries with a ready smile.

Puppetry has this feature.

Not only that.

The platform lets you create a talking head from your picture files or use its AI video generator to create an AI presenter.

Other brands use screen recording, while some companies use animation.

The former is ideal for describing a software procedure or process, while animations are perfect for adding a fun element to an otherwise complex answer.

You can also consider live action if the answer requires demonstration.

Step 5: Produce the video

Pick the best AI video producer to create your FAQ video.

Many startup businesses use Puppetry because its Solopreneur plan is more affordable than other platforms.

You can have a stunning FAQ video in minutes.

Choose an AI puppet or upload an image, type in your script (or use Puppetry’s ChatGPT integration for help), select a voice, and then click “SUBMIT.”

Alternatively, you can produce FAQ videos from scratch.

Unfortunately, this method isn’t practical for many startups.

Please sit with your team to evaluate the FAQ video.

Publish it on your website’s products, services, support, or help pages.

You can also include FAQ videos in blogs.

video marketing tips for startups

Final Thoughts

FAQ videos are excellent tools for boosting a company’s marketing efforts by delivering instant and credible answers to customers’ most common questions.

It builds trustworthiness, allowing brands to reinforce customer loyalty and encourage acceptance among potential customers.

However, we must reiterate the importance of planning (identifying the right questions and formulating the best answers) to optimize an FAQ video’s benefits.

Try Puppetry today!