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Grow your business with automated video creation tools

Puppetry Marketer provides you with a practical, step by step way to automate social media video creation so you can post more often, and build a community around your brand.

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Grow your social media presence

Regularly posting videos is the single most important driver of social media marketing success

Video content drives engagement, and today, companies spend most of their marketing budget creating videos

Video content

The future of marketing is video

Quality comes from quantity in content creation. Not only does the volume of your content matter, but also how an audience engages and participates with what you’re producing.

Video is the key to engagment
81% of marketers increased sales using video
Businesses favor video marketing
86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
People watch on average 19 hours online video / week
8.5 more hours of viewing vs. 3 years ago
Customers need at least 7 touch points before purchase
Rule of 7

Quality video content can be time-consuming and overwhelming to manage

What if you could make an entire month’s content with the click of a single button?

Puppetry Marketer creates videos for you by transcribing your existing video and audio content, leveraging your blog posts, and mining your email marketing data. Let us increase your reach by re-program and re-purpose your existing content.

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Marketing AutoPilot.
Draft content delivered to your inbox everyday. Just review and post.
Talking Faces.
Videos with people and faces, not just bland marketing content.
Trending Topics.
Include timely insights about ever-changing social media trends in your videos.
Campaign Guide.
Step by step guidance to put together effective video campaigns.
DIY Video Tips.
Learn how to make videos that persuasively encourage viewers to buy a product or service.
Social Media Guidance.
Get help navigating the complex world of social media, from YouTube to Pinterest.

Organic marketing > Paid advertising

Spend less by doing more Organic Marketing

Paid traffic such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads can help you get something that already has good engagement and is driving sales, in front of even more people with the same profile as your best customers. But, what advertising can’t do, is take a new offer, a new idea, or an unproven product or service and magically convert it into new sales overnight.
Believe it or not, paid online advertising is NOT my favourite way of doing marketing... Advertising is an accelerator, not an initiator.
Adam Erhart, Marketing Strategist, "The Marketing Guy"
Adam Erhart
Marketing Strategist, "The Marketing Guy"
Spend less

Affordable pricing for all

Marketing solutions that fit your budget

Tailored for quality and quantity, our services are designed to build your brand’s tribe and enhance its visibility. Experience the sense of community we bring to your business, and see the difference it makes in your customer engagement and sales.

Individuals and teams of up to 3 employees


The perfect plan if you're just getting started with social media automation.

  • Automated video content generation
  • Generate an entire months of content
  • Upto 4 posts a day
  • Review all posts before they go live
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Best for small businesses looking to scale their social media efforts.

  • All features included in the Individual plan
  • Use your existing assets
  • Post scheduling for all major social platforms
  • Priority support
  • Multiple team members
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • API access for custom integrations
  • Post templates library
  • Bulk import posts
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Grow your business with automated video creation tools

Puppetry provides you a practical, step by step, way to automate social media video creation, so you can post more often, and build a community around your brand.